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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

On a daily bases my office is updated form multiple embassies of security concerns and threat level increases through out the world. This is everything from Covid 19 out breaks to another kidnapping in an international renowned vacation destination. This doesn't just happen to individuals but to company teams and crews. Just this year The number of sailors kidnapped off West Africa surged by more than 50 percent last year, a maritime watchdog said on Tuesday, urging greater international cooperation to reduce piracy.These abductions took place in the Gulf of Guinea, waters stretching thousands of kilometres (miles) from Angola in the south to Senegal in the north, which are considered among the world’s most dangerous for attacks.(Reported by Aljazzera)

We as individuals and CEOs must remember that our families and our teammates are our responsibilities and that Kidnappings are only reported to the News and Interpol when it goes bad our its already over.

With that saying, are you ready if this happens to your family or your Companies Teams traveling abroad. Lives can be changed in just the heart beat of a moment and that one moment can devastated a family or the reputation of a company as well.

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